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310-PLAN- More than a phone number- it’s our Philosophy

At Hoyes, Michalos & Associates we truly believe that all you need to get out of financial trouble is a plan.

You need a plan that is going to work for you given your personal and financial circumstances. All of our trustees have years of experience and have helped many people with their financial problems. I am fully confident that if given the chance to sit down with a person or family and review their financial situation, I can create a plan to deal with it. Even if you have read about all of the options available to get out of debt and you think that none are going to work, I guarantee you we will find something that will. There IS a plan out there that is going to work, and we can find it together.

All of our bankruptcy trustees are focused on helping people create the right plan to meet their individual and family needs. In order to do this however, we have to be given the opportunity and this is where you come in. When you call call us today in Toronto at 310-PLAN (no area code required) or when you e-mail us, you will be put in touch with one of our professionals who can get all the background information needed to start mapping out the plan. There is a way for you to get a fresh start, and with the help of a professional from Hoyes, Michalos & Associates, you will be able to find it.