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Credit Counselling Toronto

Before Filing

If you are struggling with debt, credit counselling with one of our Toronto trustees will provide you with:

  • an assessment of your situation,
  • information about all of your debt relief alternatives including debt consolidation, debt management plans and consumer proposals,
  • help developing a plan to eliminate your debt,
  • information on how you can avoid bankruptcy.

In your first meeting with a debt advisor at Hoyes Michalos we will sit down with you and fully assess your situation. We will review your budget with you, talk about your debts and help you develop a plan to eliminate those debts. Even if you do not file bankruptcy or a proposal, you will leave this meeting with useful information on how you can get your finances back under control.

During Your Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal

As part of the bankruptcy process, individuals who have filed a consumer proposal or bankruptcy are required to attend two Credit Counselling sessions. The purpose behind these sessions are to provide you with skills necessary to make better decisions around the use of credit. We will provide you with the knowledge to:

  • prepare and maintain a household budget,
  • identify the warning signs of debt problems,
  • manage your spending and stay within your budget,
  • use credit wisely so you can stay out of debt

We recognize that the learning process doesn’t end after the credit counselling session is finished. For this reason, Hoyes Michalos provides all of our clients with access to our free, online resource and information center in support of your credit counselling and budgeting needs.

After Bankruptcy

At Hoyes, Michalos & Associates, we know that the need to manage your debts doesn’t end just because your bankruptcy or consumer proposal is finished. Our online client resource center also includes information about how to obtain a copy of your credit report, how to rebuild your credit as well as useful money saving tips to keep you one the road to living debt free.

Contact Us

If you are struggling with debt, and looking for a way out, contact us for your free, initial consultation. Call us at 310-PLAN for more information about your options and to set up a free consultation. You can also contact us through our online evaluation form and ask any questions you might have. During your consultation we will assess your situation and help you find a way out of debt.