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Don’t fall for Debt Management Scams in Toronto

In the past few weeks I have spoken to several people in my bankruptcy Toronto office who have been to see, what they thought was a not-for-profit organization, about options regarding their debts. To be clear a not for profit agency will help you with a debt management plan, whereby your repay 100% of your debts, typically interest free. You must complete this plan in no longer than five year. There is generally no charge to you for their services. On occasion there is a small fee for their costs or donation but that is it.

bkto-mistakesBut as noted, I have been meeting with people who were told by these “debt consultants” that there is a fee, and a substantial one at that, in order to introduce them to a trustee, as the so called not for profit was not able to help them with debt management plan. This sort of thing makes me very angry because there should be no fee charged for an introduction. And seriously why would you pay a fee for an introduction to a trustee when you can call our offices and book an appointment for a free consultation to discuss all your options. (Try it: call 310-PLAN .)

Please if you are struggling with debts, this is not a time to be paying a fee for an introduction when you can call our offices and make an appointment for a consultation. I am not a Hollywood celebrity that requires a fee for an introduction. Let’s use that money toward doing something proactive about your debts like a consumer proposal or a bankruptcy. Don’t fall for debt management scams where you pay a large up front fee.

So for that no fee introduction and no charge consult, please do hesitate to make that call to us at at 310-PLAN , or e-mail us, to set up a no charge initial consultation.

Sandra Sykora

Sandra is a Licensed Insolvency Trustee in our Toronto Yonge & Bloor and Toronto Downtown offices. Sandra is passionate about getting to know her clients, taking the time to help them find solutions that meet their needs and help them develop life long skills to remain debt free.