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Fresh Start – There Are Options

I meet with many people during the course of my day. Everyone has their own reason for being in my office. There may have been a change in their work situation. They may have had a personal or family crisis. Their business may have suffered. Or it may simply have been a matter of letting their finances get out of control. After listening to their story, I ask them the same question: what would they like me to help them with? And without putting words into their mouths, they mostly say the same thing: they would like to get a fresh start. They would like the phone to stop ringing. They would like to sleep at night. They want to start over.

If a fresh start is what they are looking for, I can help. By digging deeper into their situation, I can help most people come up with a plan. Some people earn a decent wage, but their monthly payments on their credit cards and loans have gotten out of control. Their minimum payments drain them, and then they haven’t made a dent into the principal owing. These people fit perfectly into a consumer proposal.

Sometimes the situation is a little worse. Some people can cover their basic living expenses, but have nothing left over to offer their creditors. I will work with these people to take a closer look at their income and where they spend their money. There are many different reasons why the situation might me as bad as it is. It could be a loss of income. Or a family separation leaving a single income parent trying to raise their kids. In these cases, bankruptcy may be the only solution.

In any event, I can help these people get that fresh start. While I have mentioned a consumer proposal and bankruptcy, there are other options available to you. If you would like to do some reading, have a look at our Fresh Start Guide. Or better yet, contact us to schedule a no cost, no obligation consultation.

It’s up to you now. Let’s get started.

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