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Take The First Step: Speak To A Professional

First-Consultation-Bankruptcy-TrusteeIf debt is weighing on your mind or preventing you from leading the life that you want to live, it’s probably time to reach out to an experienced professional for help.  For many, the thought of seeking help can be overwhelming.  However, taking that first step is as easy as scheduling a free consultation to discuss your situation and to review options that might work to get you that fresh start that you need.

Get The Facts

Once you make the call to your local professional, you will be asked if you would like to book a consultation with a trustee.  This first meeting is completely free and does not require that you make a decision on the spot.  Instead, your meeting is an information gathering session where your trustee will discuss the type and amount of debt that you are carrying, any assets that you have, and your monthly cash flow.  From there, your trustee will go over all of your options such as, a debt management plan, a consumer proposal, and personal bankruptcy.  Knowing all of your options is an important part of becoming debt free so that you can better understand which option might be best for YOU.

What Your Trustee Will Ask

Your first meeting is simply a conversation between you and your trustee.  For that reason, the trustee will ask you about the people that you owe, details of your assets, and a summary of your income and expenses.  This information will help your trustee to understand your situation so that they can provide realistic options for dealing with your debt.  Only if you choose to move forward will you have to bring in additional information.

Making Your Decision

You are not required to make a decision on the spot and until your paperwork is signed, you are not locked into any of the options that you discuss with your trustee.  If one option feels better to you, your trustee will give you an application package that can be completed together or on your own. From there, your trustee will guide you throughout your file from start to finish so that all of your duties are successfully completed and you can begin to rebuild your credit and your financial future.

You shouldn’t be afraid to make the first call.  Talk to a licensed trustee to review your options.  Take the first step to getting debt free and contact us today.