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Will a bankruptcy stop creditors from harassing me?

Have you ever wondered “will a bankruptcy stop creditors from harassing me?”  Yes it will. And not only will the harassing phone calls and letters stop, the bankruptcy also stops wage garnishments and any other collection activity.  Imagine no more automated dialers or blocked calls and no need to change your phone number!

One of the advantages that filing a bankruptcy has over other ways of dealing with your debts is that upon filing for bankruptcy a formal “stay of proceedings” is in place that legally protects you from your creditors.  Bankruptcies and proposals are the only proceedings that offer this protection from your creditors.

Stop my creditors from harassing me!Often we meet with clients that have tried other ways to deal with their debts such as credit counseling or debt negotiators.  Unfortunately these “alternatives” do not offer any protection to you from your creditors.   By the time you have figured out that your creditors do not “buy” into these programs or have started legal proceedings against you, you may have spent hundreds of dollars, if not, thousands of dollars in enrollment fees of which you will not be refunded.

Harassing phone calls from your creditors is one of the warning signs of money problems that should make you think about seeking out the services of a trustee.  A trustee will review your financial situation with you and help you come up with a plan to become debt free.  Not only will you be debt free you will have accomplished this in a formal, legally binding way, without the worry of whether or not your creditors will continue to harass you or worse…try to garnishee your wages.

If you are facing financial difficulties or being harassed by your creditors we would be happy to meet with you to discuss your options.  You can call our office at 310-PLAN or email one of our offices to book a free consultation. Don’t wait; call us today to stop your creditors from harassing you.